Children and Young People at St Peter’s

CChildren, young people and families are an integral part of life at St Peter’s. We run a number of different activities for children and young people both on Sunday mornings and throughout the rest of the week.

On Sundays at

All children start in St Peter’s Church for the first 10 minutes of the service. Children’s groups of all ages then go to the Millennium Room alongside church for activities of about 35 minutes.  Preschool children join ‘Stepping Stones‘ group for Bible Stories and music,’ Explore’ for School Age children learn about the same theme as the  sermon in main service. All children then return to church for communion with their families. Children are part of God’s family. We like them to be with us,  we do not mind noise, activity and movement during the services. Please relax and join our Church family for these activities.

Contact: Helen Kemp 01883 714068

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St Peter's Limpsfield is an anglican church in the village of Limpsfield in Surrey.

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