Giving for Life

In response to God’s generosity we are encouraged to be generous in every aspect of our lives. This is not only about giving money, but also offering hospitality, giving time and using our skills – in our churches, as well as in our homes, our workplaces and communities.
Giving is the outworking of faith. This happens in lots of ways but his leaflet is about how much it costs to run our church and how we can consider our financial giving to  meet these costs. One myth that needs to be dispelled is that churches receive central funding. This is not the case and all funds have to be raised from the congregations. You may be surprised to know that the essential running costs of St Peter’s exceed £4,000 per week ( this includes a Robin Hood ‘quota’ to assist other inner city churches in the diocese). But the church is about more than just these costs.
We want to be able to further God’s work in this place and beyond. We hope everyone will want to respond generously.

How can you give?

There are several ways to give to St Peter’s. The most effective is through the planned giving scheme. Under this scheme amounts pledged are normally paid directly to the bank on a monthly basis, or through the envelope scheme. Under this scheme every £1.00 donated by a taxpayer allows the church to reclaim a further 25p through tax rebate.The other main methods is giving to the church in cash collections in church.
Whilst any donations are welcome, regular planned giving better enables us to budget and plan. Please consider giving to this church on a regular basis in order to help us to keep growing and making a difference.
Should you want more information please contact:
Peter Hindley via Parish Office Tel 01883 712512 or Claire Chitty via

Marianne Bell coordinates Christian Aid Collections in Limpsfield
Marianne Bell coordinates Christian Aid Collections in Limpsfield

Marianne Bell gives much time and energy coordinating Christian Aid Collections in Limpsfield. Every year the combined collections are over £k

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St Peter's Limpsfield is an anglican church in the village of Limpsfield in Surrey.

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