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Village Coffee Morning

First Wednesday of every month
On the first Wednesday of every month just after Wednesday morning communion there is coffee, tea or chocolate and cakes available for all, even if you do not attend the service!

Please join us from 10.45am  in the Millennium Room adjoining the church

Val Darkin Fund

This fund was set up in memory of Val who died in October 1994, by her husband Brian Darkin. Brian was so grateful for all the flowers and visits from friends and neighbours when she was ill at home, that he gave a sum of money to the Church. The capital has been invested and the interest is used to buy flowers to be given to anyone in the Parish who is ill, bereaved or in need of comfort.

Jane Wilton, a friend and neighbour of the Darkins, has administered  the fund since  June 1995. Since that time, nearly 600 visits have been made – and the recipients have benefited, not only from the flowers, but also from the visit and sometimes a follow-up call or a telephone contact.

Jane is very dependent on road wardens or parishioners letting her know if their neighbours are unwell, in hospital or bereaved, and would appreciate flowers. The Val Darkin Fund has grown to be part of the Pastoral Care in the Parish.

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St Peter's Limpsfield is an anglican church in the village of Limpsfield in Surrey.

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